South Washington County Schools

Schoology in District 833

Schoology is an online learning platform, or Learning Management System (LMS), used at all secondary schools in District 833. In Schoology, teachers post assignments, classroom resources, quizzes and a course calendar with due dates and deadlines. Students and parents should use Schoology to review assignments and grades, and stay on top of academic progress.

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PARENT Schoology (FAQ)

How do I Access my Student's Grades in Schoology?

You can access your student's grades under the Enrollment link.  

Click Here for Detailed Instructions for Accessing Your Student's Grades in Schoology

How do I change notifications settings for my child(ren)'s Schoology?

You can do this under the settings menu item.  You first need to select a student under the dropdown menu at the top right.

You can follow the instructions on the "Setup Notifications Page"

Invalid Code Message

We have heard that a few families have seen this issue when using copy / paste in the web page. 

We have had great success having parents:

  • Open www.schoology.com
  • Choosing 'Sign In'  
  • Clicking 'Parent' 
  • Then typing in the code


How do PARENTS login to Schoology?

Parents should go to https://sowashco.schoology.com to sign in on a regular basis.

For first-time users can follow these instructions.

There is also a brief, step-by-step video that will help guide you through the registration and login process.

Where can PARENTS find their student’s Schoology access code?

There are three ways to find your student's Schoology code:

  1. You will receive an email in August with your student's Schoology code
  2. Your student's Schoology code will be printed on your student's schedule
  3. You can find your student's Schoology code in Parent Portal
    • The Schoology Code is under the "Student Credentials" tab

Don't have a Parent Portal account?  Request one here.

I am a district employee and a parent. What should I do?

If you are an employee and a parent you should sign up for Schoology with your personal email account.  You will use this account when accessing your child's Schoology information.  

I have a Schoology Parent Account from Another District. What do I do?

If you have another Schoology Parent Account from another district you will need to either Delete That Account or Create a New Schoology Account with a different email address.

Schoology will NOT allow a parent account to be associated with more than one school district or a Schoology basic and enterprise account.

I have a student in another district. What do I do?

If you need to access Schoology for two different school districts please contact SchoologyHelp@sowashco.org for assistance.

I’ve been using the Parent Portal to monitor my child’s progress in the past. How is Schoology different?

Schoology provides more detailed information on assignments, grades and class projects. Parents can review grades for individual assignments, review attendance, send private message teachers with questions, receive daily or weekly academic progress reports, among many other options.

Do I still need to use the Parent Portal?

Yes! The Parent Portal is still necessary for parents to use. Important information, such as emergency contact information, transportation information, lunch balances, library check-outs and final trimester grades will all be found in the Parent Portal.

How is Schoology used in the classroom?

Beginning the 2018-19 school year, all secondary schools will use Schoology for classroom learning purposes. Students can take tests, submit homework and interact with their classmates outside the walls of a traditional classroom (from home, the library or their favorite homework spot). Schoology is also used as a forum for communication between a student and teacher, and the parent and teacher.

What is a Schoology notification?

Notifications are daily or weekly opt-in messages that notify parents, via email or text, of their child’s academic progress. Parents will be notified about homework, graded tests and assignments, recent activity, upcoming tests and other due dates.

Can I use Schoology on a mobile device?

Yes! Schoology can be accessed on both Android and Apple mobile devices. Search for the Schoology app in GooglePlay or the App Store.